🏟 Stade de France redevelopment project

Last 26 June, exactly one month before the opening of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, we crossed our finishing line.

🥇 The redevelopment of the premises inside the antistadium has come to an end.

✅ More information in the article published in the magazine Sport&impianti

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Last Friday 04/5/2024 the “Tazio Nuvolari” athletics track was inaugurated.

The structure is located inside the sports hall in Piazzale Atleti Azzurri d'Italia in Mantua.
The intervention, strongly desired by the municipal administration, was made possible thanks to "Next Generation UE" funding.
The works involved the extension of the existing covered straight, which was equipped with a side corridor for spectators and a new entrance hall, as well as the redevelopment of the existing block.
AG2 was responsible for the structural design and construction supervision, working as a team with ArchitectNicola Salami.
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Andrea Grifò




We are now 100% operational throughout France.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the birth of the AG2 ENGENEERING & ARCHITECTURE SAS company,
registered with the Regional Council of the Order of Architects of Ile de France with number S24884.

🏟️ Our location is in a legendary venue of French and world sport, THE STADE DE FRANCE.

Zac du Cornillon Nord Porte E du Stade de France, 93216 SAINT DENIS

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Andrea Grifò

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The new grandstand of the football pitch at the Ca' Trenta sports facility in Schio, in the province of Vicenza, was handed over

It was a pleasure to work with Gammasport srl,a leading company in the field of sports equipment and prefabricated grandstands.

✅ More information in the article published in the journal.TSPORT - Sporteimpianti.it - SeiMedia Srl, n°356, Marzo Aprile 2024

👉 https://lnkd.in/defzNrn7

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Andrea Grifò

The BIM Before the BIM, Nervi’s Lesson in Parametric Among Architecture Structure and Construction

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Abstract from the magazine “Digital Modernism Heritage Lexicon”

The relationship between Cultural Heritage and the current digital technologies allows us to critically analyze the Modernist period (1920–1960) and its preeminent figures, who reshaped their environment utilizing practical testing, scientific knowledge, and newtechnologies.